Body treatments and beauty pampering

Make your beauty shine!

After a day outdoors, there's nothing better than a refreshing break in our 2000 m² wellness area, where you can let yourself be pampered with selected cosmetic treatments, while contemplating the magnificent surrounding landscape.


Massages, manicures, pedicures, peeling, wraps, baths ... the choice is yours!

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Detox & body lifting

Straightforward Body Modification - Innovative Cellulite Program

Experience a unique and effective cellulite treatment that operates sustainable on your skin appearance and connective tissues: cupping treatment in combination with efficient natural ingredients for a long-term and visible alleviation of cellulite. Unique features of this treatment include an invigorating body exfoliation, a stimulating cupping treatment and a modulated cellulite massage.
To reinforce the effects, we recommend that you combine the cellulite program with a seaweed bath for extra hydration and metabolic activation. The very definition of full-body care! With seaweed bath about 80 minutes € 95

About 50 minutes
€ 72
Focus on the core - stomach streamlining program

This efficient body treatment helps to decongest the abdomen, to reduce waist circumference and to streamline the abdominal wall. The goal of this intensive massage is gentle stimulation of the abdominal cavity to improve tone and streamline contours. The perfect solutions for your body’s core.

About 50 minutes
€ 72
Clear shape – body forming massage

An individual body concept that has a tightening effect on your silhouette. Active substances combined with innovative and modulated massage techniques stimulate the metabolism and support the lymphatic activity. An individual dry massage with a specially developed copper and linen glove tonifies the tissue and helps to dissolve electrostatic charges. An activating roll pluck massage gives the tissue new energy and lets you shine.

About 50 minutes
€ 72

Vitalizing massages


Effective finale - sophisticated back program. A reconstructive back treatment with highly effective natural active ingredients and a massage individually tailored to you. Singing bowls and cupping glasses relieve tension in the back muscles and improve the dynamics of the spine. Lasting relaxation for your back, free yourself of stress and blockages. Stand up straight!

About 50 minutes
€ 68

Vitalizing light-footedness – dynamic foot – and leg massage. Do you spend the whole day on your feet? Pamper yourself with a deep earthy leg massage that loosens tensions, activates the blood circulation and vitalizes. For healthy, recovered, and relaxed feet & legs and a deep mental fitness.

About 50 minutes
€ 65

In this application, the foot reflex zones will be massaged and thereby stimulate various organs as well as the lymphatic and nervous system. Also the blood circulation will be stimulated, stress reduced and congestion released. The body experiences an increase in well-being.

About 50 minutes
€ 68

Vital muscle energy – sports massage. Stay strong, stay fit! Especially designed to relieve tension after sporting activities and provide maximum support for muscle regeneration. Alpine arnica substances are stimulating further. The perfect option for active people. About 50 minutes € 68

About 25 minutes
€ 42

Natural power of herbs - herbal pouches massage. A massage experience that activates and builds up the musculature. The herbal pouches massage by TEAM Dr. JOSEPH is a powerful and intensive full-body treatment with precious natural oils, selected herbal blends and unique combinations of active components. The herbal stamps are patted over your body intensively, with gentle pressure and generating a peeling effect on your skin. This stimulating technique and the herbs used help to relieve stress, while the finest aroma massage oils strengthen your vitality. Start off balanced and full of energy!

About 50 minutes
€ 72

Relaxing massages


Individual down time – aroma massage. Your completely personalized massage ritual for body and soul. This relaxing massage operates mentally and physically. The soft massage technique, in combination with select aromatic oils promote muscle performance. You will feel free, supple, and agile. Release tension and tightness - Effective, holistic and traditional! Full body massage about 50 minutes € 65

Half body massage about 25 minutes
€ 42

Rustic life force - basalt stone massage
At the beginning of this relaxing stone massage, the 7 energy centers of the body are stimulated with pleasantly warmed basalt stones. The gentle massage that follows, with efficient essential chakra oils, stimulates the lymph activity and the body's detoxification processes. Enjoy exceptionally deep heat and fragrant aroma oils in this stone massage - primal power for your body and soul.

About 80 minutes
€ 92

In this massage the main focus lies in the hearing: The tibetian balls transfer their soft vibrations directly to your body. Also body and soul are influenced positively – tensions as well as blockaded in the organism are being resolved.

About 50 minutes
€ 68

Enjoy the flattering sounds and the tropical heat of this treatment. This massage relaxes the whole organism through extensive and repeating touches of certain body parts. Already after a short time you will fully devote yourself to the treatment and enjoying a true feast for the senses.

About 80 minutes
€ 95



Experience the relaxing effect of this massage with warm oils, that will be poured over your head and massaged in slowly. Different facial energy points and energy flows are being stimulated. About 50 minutes - € 65

About 25 minutes
€ 42


Relaxing lavender bath with local bio-milk

The lavender-bio-milk bath gives a balanced and comfortable feeling. The ethereal oils have a relaxing effect on the whole body. About 60 minutes for 2 people € 65

About 30 minutes
€ 45

Couple treatments

Time for two - forget-me-not

Enjoy a sensual bio-rose petal bath for two! After that we will spoil you with an aroma oil massage. In the cozy corner awaits you a strawberry-prosecco and healthy fruit.

About 2 hours (for 2 people)
€ 172
Time for two – arnica

Begin your time together with an aroma salt peeling. The following full body sports massage let your muscles relax. In the cozy corner awaits you a small afternoon snack with local cheese, refined with cheese and nuts. Accompanied by a glass of local red wine.

About 2 hours (for 2 people)
€ 212

Kids and expectant mothers

Time with my child

We pamper our guests and their little companions with a package, followed by a massage. In the cozy corner can will receive homemade pralines with strawberry prosecco (also for children).

About 1 hour
€ 82
For little princes and princesses

Coconut back massage

€ 38

Wellness for expectant mothers

(from the 3rd month of pregnancy)


Vitalizing light and dynamic leg massage. Do you spend the whole day on your feet? Pamper yourself with a deep earthy leg massage that loosens tensions, activates the blood circulation and vitalizes. For healthy, recovered, and relaxed legs and a deep mental fitness.

About 50 minutes
€ 65

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